When I grow up

So a teacher somewhere in some public school, or if your lucky, private school looks at her class of about 7, 8 or maybe even 9 year olds and asks the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” … Met by the choruses of Doctor, Lawyer, Police officer and even teacher… The teacher cant help but glow with pride… I mean, Who wouldnt.. He/She is inspiring a generation. A generation with a future so bright only big dreams are valid.

So yes, the inspired generation moves up to the next class and the next one the following year and soon they walk into the high schools we have around. This is where it all gets real. The would be Doctor just cannot make do of the biology class. The would be Lawyer is having problems expressing themselves during debate club sessions, And the would be police officer, Oh lets not even talk about him/her….

Well, the show must go on…. And so the big dreams must be chased , at all costs if we may add.. So we struggle through high school and find ourselves in University.. We don’t pursue excellence, just the minimum pass mark and “TAAA DAAA!!!!” a new generation is here.

So after months or even years of toiling and trying to make it, we realize we have actually grown up.. We realize that its not a show anymore and that the real deal is here… So lights off and curtains closed – We got bills to pay because the first pay slip made us realize we can actually move out of parents houses – Wrong choice by the way!!.. The government became a big beneficiary of our payslips.. The relatives in “shagz” are forever calling – Claiming “Umenyamaza huko Nairobi sana” .. Which basically means an M-pesa message would be such a good thing to them..

Well, we carry on and at the end of every month – the bank account balance is equivalent to the first digit on your cell phone number. One day your memory is jogged and you remember the lovely teacher who asked what you want to be when you grow up. Then you look around and quickly analyze your current situation and wonder, “Is this what I really wanted to be when I grow up?” And really, “What is this growing up anyway?”

But anyway, Such is Life……

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