What if we were to blame?


So I walk into the bar night after night. I’m the guy who closes down. Tim (The bar man) Knows me too well. He knows which cab to call and the exact location I should be dropped. He even clears my taxi bill because he knows I will sort him out at my next bar visit – Which by the way is the next night. When they branded me a “drunkard”, I objected . They just haven’t been around. I know people doing worse than me. I know people who sleep in ditches so please, “Give me a break”

Word on the street is that he was a prominent businessman. His name was a household at the stock exchange. The business dailies always recorded a thing or two or even more about him. So when I saw him at the upmarket restaurant quietly having his lunch, I decided to join him. Small talk here, small talk there and an exchange of phone numbers and yes, we dated. Never mind I knew about his wife and kids. So when they branded me a “home – wrecker”. I objected. They don’t know about his unhappy marriage. They don’t know what it feels like to be 34 and unmarried. They don’t know that what we have is special. He is even planning on taking me to meet his folks soon so please, “Give me a break”

He walked with promise into the institution of higher learning. He remembered his village mates all escorting him to the bus terminal on his way to the big City. He recalled his mother telling him to work hard and build a future. He looked in his wallet and smiled. Having so many notes or maybe bills was something he never thought he would have. His heart melted when he saw the text from the big guy. ‘The shipment was in’ .. So as he walked to the meeting point to collect his next big business deal, he contacted his usual customers – promising them  bigger and better deals this time. So when they branded him a “drug peddler”, he objected. They don’t know what its like to come from poverty. They don’t know what its like to fit into big shoes. Besides my sister no longer has school fees debts and my mother no longer worries about strong tea for supper . Its for a good cause so please, “Give me a break”

When his secretary had to leave town abruptly, it wasn’t as abrupt to him, just to the general public. He paid for her ticket . He ensured her bank account was well taken care of. She shouldn’t have a reason to come back to this town.The promise to reimburse when need arises rubber stamped the same. It wasn’t the fact that his secretary expected a child out of wedlock that bothered him.. No… It was the fact that the child was his. But good news travels fast. So a few years later, someone somewhere reported seeing a splitting image of him. One of the ladies in church who had been his client said she met his former secretary at her local supermarket. He brushed the thought away. She is meant to be out of town. But the rumors grew more and more so soon word was out that when he was an adulterer.. But he objected… “I have served as a faithful church officer since my youthful days. My children are the best behaved. My wife is nothing short of the Proverbs 31 woman!! Surely, I am a man of God.. And besides , we cannot be sure that I’m the only one she was sleeping with so please, Give me a break. ”

Well, a break is what we all want and a break is what we all get sooner or later..  Years down the line, a sad scene presents itself. He is in hospital on life support because his liver is giving in. Thank you endless nights at Tim’s bar.

At 46, she is yet to settle and yet to meet his parents. Wondering if she still has a chance at motherhood. Thank you dating Mr. Married man.

Mr. Big guy dumped him because he no longer brought in the big business – So he turned to a life of crime because the lifestyle standards he had set for himself were too high. He made it to the top of the police most wanted list. Thank you selfish ambition.

He looked at the news that evening and saw him. No doubt, that was his son – if the towering height and the perfected cheekbones were anything to go by. The whispers had stopped because the writing was clearly on the wall. His wife did not leave him but there was barely any communication in that marriage. He never ever admitted but nobody cared anymore. He still felt their stares when he walked around. Thank you extra marital affair.

Yes.. The break came!!! Not from society but from within. In the loneliness of late nights, In the quietness of thoughts , everyone wondered, “Did society warn me?” “Did they know my story?” “What If I was to blame for my current situation?”

As abnormal and as sad as all is,…. such is life!!!

And maybe someone should complain!!

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