Letter to my future love….. xoxo

Hey Handsome….. [Pushing it maybe??? 🙂 ]

So I’m supposed to start with some form of salutations or greetings but I’m scared i will start ranting about irrelevant things like the way it rains every afternoon in Kisii town, Or the way the pope might be visiting Kenya soon. Not to say that  those are irrelevant topics as such but they really wouldn’t bring out the greeting intended. Then I would try and cover  my awkward moment with something like volcanic eruptions and how the world is changing but this would just add on to the awkwardness.. OK, Let me stop because I’m sure by now you are wondering how my train of thought operates when all I’m supposed to be doing is finding out how you are.

Because I’m a total mess when I think of you, maybe I shouldn’t really express myself in form of a letter, but lets face it, if doing it written is as reckless as my paragraph up there, a one on one would include me falling down and probably breaking a bone or two or even three if you may. Then I will probably have to go to hospital and I don’t like hospitals because they reek of death… Let me stop ~ Here i go rumbling recklessly again. Clearly,I need to get my act together!!!

OK.. Telling Myself to breath in and out and gather my thoughts. So here is the deal. I think about you a lot. Too much to the extent that I have imagined our kids with your skin tone – because somehow people go all “awwwwww” over light babies than they do over babies with my skin tone.

I have gone to the extent of imagining how you will propose – down on one knee and all because this fairy tale has to happen. And on this day You will declare your never ending love for me because I have declared that you cannot survive without me. It goes without saying that the converse is true.

I am not about to describe our happily ever after here because I’d rather we wrote that bit together. Maybe then I wouldn’t be such a mess because you will not just be my imagination. You will be my real life story and my all.

So for now, I will sit still and watch you from afar. I will hold on to the daydreams that I hope will one day come true. I will not attempt to talk to you at all because , you know, – Rumble mess and all. I will patiently wait for you to notice me and make a move. But even if you don’t, I will have no option but to be at peace with that because, such is life, and I dare not complain of the same….


Hopeless Romantic  🙂

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