What’s Love got to do with it??

Tina Turner released this song in 1984 and boy wasn’t she right!!  Over three decades later, same question still lingers in so many of our minds. Especially because the month of love is lurking around the corners and every other person from high school is posting a baby bump or an engagement ring or even both of these on social Media.

Three decades is something I tell you… And Tina Turner will tell us why with lines from the song.

  1. A second Hand emotion

Image result for second hand cartoon

So I really don’t know about you but I have this liking for second hand things.. Im the girl that will stop at Bus Station to see whats ‘new’. Im the girl who will pass by OLX to see who has an electronic they are disposing off. Let me not talk about Gikomba because that is another long story.

But when it comes to love, like every other hopeless romantic, I tend to believe I am getting it first hand… No used goods here.. No baggage brought down from past relationships.. I usually think that Im the first to enter un unconquered territory.. Up until I become the very same victim as all the stories I have heard. You know – The we were not compatible things, The you dont offer what I desire… That plus a whole lot of foolishness. Yet when it started I felt so much magic… And what’s love got to do with Magic??

2. Been Thinking about my own protection

Image result for self protection cartoon

People tend to tell the people they are in love or like with that they make them better people. I honestly don’t know what this statement means but Im pretty sure It almost sounds like that line up there… So you meet me, and I have something in me that you do not, and it works for you, and you ride on it for days, months or even years then one day you decide that you do not need the protection the something in me provided so you up and go??

Sigh – I used to make you a better person but what’s love got to do with making you a better person if once you become the better you courtesy of me , you up and go??

3. Sweet Old Fashioned Notion

Image result for Old fashioned love cartoon

There is something the golden oldies , who did not have cell phones as a way of life talk about when it comes to how they fell in love. That something does not exist any more at least for so many of us.

Before, it was a good thing to marry your baby mama but now it is a totally acceptable idea to have two or more baby mamas and still be a hero about it.

Before, it was a good thing to meet up and just talk but now, you can call a once a week meeting where you both stared at the gadget on you palms a date.

Before, it was sweet to sit at uhuru park and enjoy the cool afternoon by the tiny lake but now it seems so shady to do that.

So we call theirs old fashioned – yet for some reason it worked . The 30+ year marriages are proof of the same.

And we came in – The YOLO generation where things have to happen right now because we do not have time.

The thing called love became a sweet old fashioned notion and we got the fake version of it..

Sigh.. what’s love got to do with it??

4.Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?

Image result for broken heart cartoon

So because it all died somewhere along the way we have people in relationships who know nothing about each other. We have Children with no relationships with their parents. We have Children who do not even know their parents. heartbreaks are the order of every day.

Heartbreaks are rather funny. You can run mad because you had a nasty heartbreak (ask Dolly Parton ) but you rarely hear that someone ran mad because they were broke. So really, who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?? And really, what’s love got to do with messed up people?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer – And I believe in love and the fact that I will fall in love one day!! And I’m pretty sure in His plans, God has love for me somewhere there..

But just think about it? What has love got to do with broken hearts, broken families, broken societies…

Its Possible to write different love stories you know…

What’s love got to do with it??

Such is life…. And let it not look like we are complaining!!

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