Forward Ever!!

“We shall heal our wounds, collect our dead and continue fighting.”

Mao Zedong

The wounds..

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They say that good things take time and patience is a virtue we really should practice. But they never really tell you what to do when you see others winning the race you have run so long. They do not tell you what it takes to rise up each time you fall.. This, my friends , is a thought on a race that refuses to end.


The dead..

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I am a believer, and I pray because I serve a living God in heaven. So when I need guidance, I knock on heavens doors. My frustration with love is quite something and many times, I have presented the same to my God because, only He can give me the peace that surpasses all understanding. So when I met a guy I thought was it, I went to my Father in heaven. This guy tick so many boxes for me i.e

  • He loved the Lord – And this  is different than just saying “He went to church”
  • He did not have a female bestie!! Haven’t we suffered in the hands of such people!!
  • He was not a loud person.. and because I am such a loud mouth, It made perfect sense (Or so I thought)
  • We even had conversation

So I asked God to lead me on this one.. For four days straight, I asked God to show me signs of whether I should pursue or seat back. And God is faithful, He rewards they that diligently seek Him. So He answered my prayer in a very random fashion. The answer was loud and clear, “Just seat back!!” .. Not because the guy was wrong for me , No. Or because of any hidden traits that I needed to know. The guy was simply interested in someone else. How I found out was just funny and a bit heart wrenching. That was the death of my short pursuit.

The continuing fight (Aluta continua!!)..

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So I went back to my Father in heaven, presented my cracked (Not broken) heart and asked Him to heal it. Asked Him to restore my soul. Asked Him to give me that patience I so desire. I know God will God will come through.

But until then , I will keep up in the fight, stay on track on the race and wait upon My God.. Because Such is life, and life must really go on.

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