Love is…….. simple

There are things in life that I hoped to have achieved by the time Im 30. I dare not mention them all but let me tell you the ones that stand out..

By the way, I am 12 months shy of the big three and my life, from how I look at it is in shambles…

I was supposed to be a homeowner. But where is the house or even the savings towards the same? At least I moved out of my folks home and that is something worth writing home about ?? No??

Image result for new house cartoon


That Masters degree needed to have been done.. But undergrad was not a success story and that post graduate diploma is kicking my ass good.. But at least Im halfway done with the post graduate diploma and maybe just maybe that degree will come to pass.. Im not hopeful though but forward is the only way we can go.. Right?

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Surely I should not be on the Ngong bound Matatu everyday. Isnt a car a necessity in Nairobi.. I have worked for more than 5 years. Why Im unable to afford a second hand Toyota beats me. And Ngong Road is not an interesting route to ply. It tests your patience to the core.

Image result for old Car cartoon


All the above are things I can live with. Im even making peace with the fact that I may never be self employed but let me tell you the one that pricks me the most.. I was supposed to be someones wife..

Let me tell you something about us Alpha females. We pretend and make the world think that a man does not complete us. We pretend that those questions of “When are you getting married??” Do not bother us..We act like the fling that refused to mature to something more was just a passing cloud. At almost 30, we dont care care anymore. We freely go for those blind dates and hook ups hoping that this time, he just might be a perfect fit.

But here is the thing, at age 30, they think that we are too picky. And they remind us that our eggs are about to rot. They tell us to lower our standards and Mr. Right may just be round the corner. But people, our standards are not ceiling high.. We just want to be loved and appreciated.

Just in case the universe is thinking of conspiring for my good, here is what I want.

  •  I want someone to randomly buy me flowers
  • I want to be given the spare key to someones house , just in case
  • I want to go to Uhuru Park on a warm sunny afternoon and just enjoy the small water body and eat the substandard Ice cream from those park vendors
  • I want someone to tell his boys that he cant go out tonight because he wants to hang out with his woman.
  • I want someone to spare me the agony of figuring out how my new bed will get from the carpenters shed to my house.
  • I want someone to ask me to accompany him to shaggz for those wierd functions that no millennial seems to understand.
  • I want someone to come to house not for sex or any freaky business but just to chill and watch Tv as I read my African Novel or catch up on my house chores.
  • I want someone to wait for me in Town as I come from evening class just because he wants to see me at the end of a long day.
  • I want someone to call me at 2 Am when he cant sleep because of whatever is bothering his mind
  • I want someone to love me because Love is simple… And so should life be

Surely is that too much to ask of Life?

And By the way, we are not complaining..

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